Sunday, November 29, 2009

Life Changes

Once upon a time there was a little girl that loved to live and travel around Germany. She had the opportunity to do this thanks to her Dad being a Soldier in the U.S. Army. (Hooah!) Because of this fact they lived in Germany in several different locations, to include Frankfurt, Fulda and Stuttgart. There were other places, but they were very small, and they didn't live there long.
The last time they lived in Germany she was 16 years old. Her Dad had the opportunity to retire and get out of the rat race. He asked her if it was okay if he did, it would mean they would be leaving Germany in the middle of her Junior year in high school. She didn't think twice about it, how could she? Although, she didn't really want to leave - ever, she knew it was something she couldn't say no to. She felt honored though, after all how many teens are asked by their parents if it's okay if they retire, move and change their lives? She guessed very few. She knew saying no was not really an option, Dad wasn't happy anymore, and it was time to go home. So, she began to pack her bags, boxes and prepare to say good-bye to all of her friends. She looked back on all of the moves she had made in her lifetime as a military dependant and came to realization that she had moved, (packed and moved), at least 19 times in her 16 years of life, and she had just turned 16! She loved the life of a military dependant. There was no other life for her. She got to see so much!

Well, fast forward many, many years, now she's 43 years old, with a daughter of her own. Since that move in 1982 she has moved 12 more times, and she's getting ready to make another move making this 13 times in in 27 years. Better than before, but this move is back to the place she was happiest, and the place she has promised she'd take her daughter since she was a baby. They are leaving for Germany, not the place she left when she was a teen, but very close. Inside she can barely contain her excitement, but has realized how much her parents did with each move, and moving overseas is HUGE!

There is so much we take for granted when we are young. Does anyone really understand how much our parents do for us, especially military dependants? Seriously doubt it. Well, I do now and I appreciate them so much. Thankfully, they have been through this move and they understand what is needed and how much preparation is needed. They can help with must go, and what can stay. How to ship a car, and prepare stuff to go into longterm storage. WOW! There is so much to do when you move overseas.

The little girl has grown up, has a daughter of her own, and is ready to go back to the place she was truly the happiest in her life. As she gets ready what sits at the back of her mind now is - are you ever going to come back? The answer always comes back to - NO! I want to stay over there, I love Europe, my soul belongs there.

I will try to keep up my journey here. Europe is going to be a whole new adventure for this little girl in a grown woman's body.