Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your Life is in My Hands Now!

Your Life is in My Hands Now!

I had to interview people to replace me at my job. I've interviewed two,and I have one more to go. I don't know how head hunters do this job.This is so stressful. Knowing you have someone's life in your hands canbe very grating. I suppose some people like having that power. Not me, no sir!

I sat through the first interview talking with the person, agreeing with them, actually liking the individual. The interview ended after 45minutes and I walked them out. I realized, I like this person, this could be the one.

Then, I had to do a phone interview in 30 minutes for the next person. I liked them, the resume and the work they've done is awesome; the answers not so great. I found myself listening closer to this person's answers. I found that because it was a phone interview and not in person I paid attention to details I may have missed because I had a person sitting across from me.

My last interview is tomorrow afternoon - maybe. See, the last person can not come when I have time. So, they asked me to meet late in the day. Um, don't you know no one wants to stay that late in the day ON A FRIDAY? So, I'm going into this interview with that in my head already. That's not a good attitude to take.

I had a friend point this out perfectly when I told her I hate playing with people's lives. She said "That my dear is Karma with a Kapital K!!!" I replied to her "I've been playing in the Karma garden too much lately..." I know that I'm either making a positive thing happen for someone, and something negative for two.

Life is what it is...the one that deserves it to be bad. All I know is that the person that is meant to be here will be in the position I have now. I wish all of them the best of luck and know that their lives will be what they are meant to be.

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Cubicle World

The Cubicle World
I sit in my little cubicle world, as many of us do, day in and day out. I look around the room and watch people when my eyes need a break from the computer screen. I watch their habits, their daily quirks and wonderif they do these same things at home, or is this merely a work quirk?

I work in a room of three people. I work directly for the big boss. I love my job. I get to, as people tell my daily, play with the cool toys. I'm a graphic artist. I work directly with two public affairs personnel. Their jobs are high stress and high visibility. I don't envy them in the least. Again, I love my job.

I will take that momentary break and look over at one or both of them and just chuckle to myself. The man I work with has a thing for crinkly paper snacks. Every morning, and every afternoon I'll hear him reaching into a crinkly wrapper to obtain a tasty tidbit. He'll sneak it into his mouth like a child that has had his hand slapped one to many times forgetting "that" snack he shouldn't have. I then wonder about his home life. Is he treated as well as he should be, does he treat the Mrs. as well as she should be? Are the children happy?
Then, I look into the other room with my manager and wonder if she knows how to let go of the stress that is weighing her down so much. She looks exhausted, not in a bad way. Not to say that she's not taking care of how she looks or carries herself. But, being sensitive I feel the overwhelming stress she carries with her day in and day out. That's when I'll begin to wonder about her home life as well. Does her husband take the stress off of her when she gets home? After all he's retired and can have dinner cooked when she gets home, or does she have to do that herself?
I walk down the hall and where the big boss's administrative assistants sit, and notice how quiet and perfect they always look. Is it real, or is it just because they have to work in that office? They always look perfectly pressed, their make up is pristine, and well, don't even get me started about their desks.
That's when I come back to my own desk. I look around at all the paperwork I've got sitting on my desk, orders for work to be done. I think about my own life. Every single day I eat yogurt for breakfast, with a piece of fruit at least 16 oz of water, and maybe a cup of coffee with a sugar substitute. After all I'm diabetic I have to watch what I eat, and how much I eat.
I think about my home life. I don't have a man to call my own, but then I never will because I don't believe people belong to one another. We are merely sharing space and life. Still, I don't have a man to share my space. Sure, I've talked to a man or two over the years since his death. But, no one steady, no one here. At that moment I smile to myself because I know I am comfortable in whom I am. I live with my daughter,who is 20 and will be going back to college after a year off, and I realize that I am one of the lucky ones. Sure, I have stress. Things get to me and I worry. However, I've got a great life.
At that moment I'll look back at my co-workers and smile. Say a quick prayer for their happiness and think to myself, I hope they obtain what I have in life.

Blessed be!