Monday, August 23, 2010

Giveaways...and others

I've recently started swapping again. I found a great site called Swap-bot, and I LOVE it. Sure, the swaps are wonderful, but it's actually about the people.
I've met some wonderful people on the site. I've begun to follow
many of their blogs. Some of these people have giveaways. What fun!
It's made me think about trying to get some stuff together to have one myself. However, I know I don't have time right at this moment - so, until I do I will promote those that do. Such as this wonderful blog by SecretlyLovesPink. So much fun. Go by and check out her giveaway you won't be able to stay away even after it's over. She's loads of fun, and she's so precious.
The photo here is a doll from a window display in Strasbourg, France. I thought she was so beautiful. A bit out my price range, but completely precious.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Religion is a HUGE topic right now in America. I should say religious intolerance!
This is the number one reason I wanted out of the country I called home. Unless you're a Christian 'you're in a religion that is considered a cult, and/or you follow or worship the devil.' It's sad and pathetic. I shouldn't say all say this, or even feel this way, but I will state the large majority do. This includes my own biological family.

I was a Christian for 41 years of my life, and a devoted one. I have an addictive personality though. So, when I do something I do it all the way; both feet in; swimming all around. I dive in head first and stay until I'm all shriveled up.

I was a Sunday school teacher, and a preacher to anyone who would give me two minutes of their time. This all changed when the veil was lifted and I started to see the hatred humans were pouring out onto one another "in the name of Christ." Exactly when and where does it state, in the book written by various men, during various times, that it is okay to spew judgement and hatred. Don't interpret bible verses to fit your anger. Read the two verses before, and at least two after the one you choose. Take it in it's orginal context, not out of it to fit your mood. Read the entire book, not just certain chapters or books in the book. It's filled with so much: lessons, guidance, love, sensuality, horror, fear - it's filled with everything you could imagine or want from a movie and more.

Right now America's anger is geared towards those that worship inside a Mosque.

Don't get me wrong - I despise those that did what they did on September 11, 2001. It hits my life VERY close to home! I despise those that did what they did, and all those they are tied to. However, this does NOT mean I hate all Muslims. What a narrow minded person and way of thinking that would be. This would be as bad as me stating I hate ALL Christians. I don't - just the crazy, over zealous and hate filled mongers of the faith that use it, or hide behind it as a crutch.

Jesus was a good teacher, filled with love for all. Think about it though. So was Buddha, and many of the Gods and Goddesses of the Celts, Hindus and others that worship multiples, the Great Spirit and others. We all follow the same - we just choose to call them something different.

Do not be afraid to open your heart, mind and soul to learn what is out there.

The worst thing to do is shut down, and not to continue to educate onself to the other religions. Doing so teaches hate and intolerance.

Don't hate - Educate!

Friday, August 13, 2010


(Photo taken in Oftersheim, Germany)

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you just want to stay home on a weekend?

I mean stay home and clean, do household stuff, hide from the world and be with those you love - or alone, or is this phenomenon just in my realm?

I came back from Ireland. A land I fell completely in love with, a land I'm still trying to figure out why on earth my great grandfather left; a place where I felt completely at home. Now, I just want to go back - stay there and never leave.

I'm sure vacations hit people like this regularly, but for me it was a first, and a bit weird. Do I still want to go back and live? Sure, of course I do. Will I? Who knows honestly? I know the military installation I work on right now is closing come 2013-2015. So, I will be looking to move. So, maybe!

Because of this feeling though, I have the desire to stay home, in my nest or cocoon - just myself, my daughter and our dog. Hide from the world so to speak. I'm not depressed, just need to gather my reality again.

After all - for goodness sakes - I'm stationed in Germany and I love Europe. I'm still trying to adjust to some of the attitudes and quirks of things here. Seems like I'd have the hang of things here - it's my fourth time living in this land. *SIGH!*

So, this weekend - I'm cleaning and doing crafts - YAY!

Happy weekend all :0) I'm sure I'll be posting photos of the cleaning. Oh joy! hahaha!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blogging is fun...and should be shared!

I found a great site where I can swap stuff. Some stuff is through the mail, some online like this swap from Swap-bot. It was to follow ten bloggers. Well, I am following them, and quite a few more now. I'm loving it. Not all are on Blogger, but you can check them out and enjoy their lives as well. Isn't life about meeting new people and loving life?

Blogs I'm following thanks to Swap-bot's "I'm a Blogger, Follow Me!!!" swap.

1. Crystal's is a variety blog of all kinds of goodies, plus she guides you to other blogs that do give-aways and such. If you have time be sure to go by.

2. Tima's blog "Living in Dar" is truly an adventure. She's witty and fun. If you've never heard of Dar...then what are you waiting for? Check her out now.

3. M for short's blog "Fun as you make it" is like talking to a really good friend on the phone, with the added bonus of photos. Her blogs are refreshing and positive. Be sure to stopy by and check her out.

4. Ambrosia's blog "Birth of a Notion" shows a life of someone that is truly dedicated to writing and being a true friend. She's right in the middle of a real life change right now and moving. She finds time to stay dedicated to her blog.

5. Joni's blog "~TrainMama~" is quite encouraging and will show you some other wonderful bloggers. Dig deep into her blog and find her. She's so giving that you get to know her through her sharing. It's really quite wonderful.

6. ScrappinAuntie's blog "A little bit about" starts off with a reminder to think positively through affirmations with a nightly statement she puts up. It's a great reminder for us to be thankful. I really liked that, and so much more about her blog. Stop by and fill her up with some more happiness.

7. Jessica's blog "Sparsile Vacivity" is wonderful and witty. She speaks my language - geek, and I love it! She reminds me of my friends back home in Texas so I really enjoyed her wittiness. Stop by and giggle a little.

8. Rochelle's blog "Three Turns to Home" has some incredible embrodering, makes me want to pick up my Grandma's old work and do it all! But I loved how she talked about her kids. You can tell they are the light of her life. Keep her son in prayer as he heals from surgery. Her daughter is pushing independance and loving life.

9. Shary's Mama Fish blog "" is all about Mommihood. I love her points of view on breastfeeding. I agree with much of what she says here. I think more Mom's should breastfeed. It's best for the baby. Plus, there is no other connection like it. Trust me when I say your children are less fussy and, I think, are more connected to you in life. Well, read for yourself.

10. Glenda's blog "Sweet Daisy Dreams" is giving and read like the letters we used to write back in the day of letter writing. She is not afraid to recommend others in her blog. I really enjoyed wandering around her blog, and look forward to seeing more in the future. Travel on over and check into Glenda's blog.

These were my partners...but because of them I found quite a few other blogs that I am now following. For instance I found DIY Taraism and it's just fun!
I have many more and I will be sure to tell you about them...but I think 11 is enough for one day. Be sure to follow if you enjoy their writing as I did.

Hugs and blessings to all tonight.

Will blog about Ireland soon...can't wait to share the photos!

A hunt for color in the land of the gray? No Problem!

I found Ireland to be a bit gray . . . when you looked up and leaned over to the side, hanging onto the railing with your toes. Other than that - I found Ireland to be full of color, love and passion. A passionate country my Great Grandfather left in 1886.

I went to visit, got there and wondered why on earth he ever left this amazing land. The people are magnificent. The country is beautiful and rich with color. The food is okay...but the food is cooked with a passion often missed. The trains were a mixture of passion poured through a seive, sprinkled with warmth of a hug.

It's a land I cried when I left, and will celebrate when I return. It's the land that stole my soul. My sweet Ireland I will return.

I went knowing I had a photo scavenger hunt/swap of sorts to complete. So, I went with colors in mind.

1. Red is such a key color in marketing and decor in business now. It's hard to miss. Here in the Frankfurt airport the color is splashed throughout the eating areas.

2. Is a little orange beauty that was growing right outside my friend's home near Dublin, Ireland.

3. The handlebars on the Green Touring bus in Dublin are BRIGHT yellow. Loved it.

4. I LOVED that the post boxes were green. At least the ones I saw were.

5. This little blue Molly was in several places throughout Dublin. I spotted her on a second story window as well.

6. The purple gummy postbox was too cute. I spoted it in a bag of Roundtree's Randoms which are a variety of gummy candies, and quite yummy!

7. The pink flowers were growing inside the Trim Castle in Trim, Ireland

8. The doors of Dublin are known world wide. However, you don't really see many brown ones, so I really loved this one. It was one of my favorite doors.

9. The street art is just as popular in Dublin as it is in other places in the world. It's not as bad as it is in Germany. So, I appreciated the art I saw here. These little black robots were wonderful, and only in a few places.

10. Finally, the churches/cathederals are sprinkled all over Dublin and Ireland. Although I'm not Christian I do love churches and all the beauty that goes into decorating them. The candles represent such a sense of peace and love for me. The white of the candles and the flames always make me hope that someday all religions will learn to coexist!

I loved photo scavenger hunts. This one allowed me to use my own passion for photography as an art and think way outside of the box.

If you'd like to see them individually check out my Flickr. If you liked, or didn't like, the images let me know by leaving a comment.

Have a great day!