Sunday, September 19, 2010

Veggies for life

For the last ten years my health has been going down hill. There is some I can do about it, and some I have been told I can't do much at all. Well, that's about to change. I have been kicking around the idea about becoming a Vegetarian for about five years.
Well, I've finally made the leap into a healthy lifestyle.
I've done if for several reason, number one being a healtheir me, and a longer life to enjoy life. Do I miss meat? I'd be lying if I said no, not at all. I miss some meat - bacon and the occasional steak. However, do I feel healtheir? Yes! Yes I do! I find I have more energy, I think clearly, and my skin seems much happier - not as greasy.
I made the complete change a couple of weeks ago. I've had bacon a couple of times. I have to be honest - it's the one meat I should really give up, but it's one I just won't. Now, stating that I can tell you I won't have it often. By that I mean I'll probably have it 4 times a year at the most. I don't miss it as much as I thought I would. I haven't had a steak at all, and I don't miss them as much as I thought I would. You see beef does not digest through my system as it once did. About three years ago I noticed it was taking more than eight hours to work through, and during that time it caused me a great deal of pain while it was digesting.
(Side note: the recipe is found here on SparkPeople: Squashed Stir Fried Brown Rice)
I stopped eating chicken because the texture literally made me gag. Pork is probably the one meat that I still don't have a problem with, but I just don't want it (minus bacon-again), anymore. Now, there's the question about fish and shell fish - well, I'm not a fish eater anyway. I do like shrimp, but don't eat it much either. So, minus the four times a year meat - bacon - I can say I'll be enjoying this new journey without meat.
I'm finding all kinds of delicious recipes. I enjoy soy. Thankfully I LOVE Asian foods. So, into this new journey of a healthy life I go. I've only lost two pounds so far - but it's about a life style, not about rapid weight loss.
Oh, and I'm not eating a ton of fried foods. I'm also cutting fat out of my diet. WOW does it do a number on your tummy!
Sorry, for the rambling and misguided blog today. I'm just happier and I wanted to share my new life style with those of you that actually read my blog.
Have a great day!