Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pig Pig part 2

In further to AAFES we went looking at electronics, makeup, purses. You know all the things a lady might need. After waiting on my Mom (USNS) to get a raincheck on a Nintendo DS for herself we wandered over to the book section. Pig Pig spotted a nice comfy leather chair to sit in. She settled down taking up most of the seat for herself she told me to get her a book. She couldn’t decide on one for herself so she told me to pick it out. I reminded her that we really didn’t have time today to read, but if she didn’t make a pigsty of the area I would take her photo in the big chair. So, she nestled in and smiled softly.

Down the isles we wandered after the chair photo looking for stuff for her to model with. She thought that she finally found the career that would make her happy, modeling. She wasn’t really picky about what she modeled with as long as it wasn’t anything that resembled a pig that had met it’s demise. I chuckled as we walked past some Superbowl party supplies. I spotted a display of snacks inside a plastic football. I snickered as I told her “look Pig Pig, a plastic pigskin like you.” She snorted in disgust at my ill mannered comment. I explained that footballs used to be called “pigskins” because, well, they were made from pigskins. She was aghast at such horror. However, she said she would pose for a photo between two of the canisters as long as I promised not to purchase anything of the sort to take home. I did so begrudgingly.

After the pigskin fiasco Pig Pig informed me that she needed to use the Sow’s room. So, in we went. Naturally, you have to put paper on the seat. The great thing about AAFES is they provide those nice little toilet seat covers. As she sat ready to do her piggy business I snapped her photo one more time. She squealed in disgust that I would take such a private photo. I left her to do her business, but reminded her not to make a pig of herself by doing any sprinkling when she was tinkling and to flush the toilet when she was complete.

Finally, she finished doing her business and was ready to wash her hands. She can’t stand to make a mess. She patiently waited behind Ashlee (ErinFairy06) to dry herself off. She snorted that Ashlee was taking much too long to get paper towels. Then, when Ashlee didn’t hand her a paper towel she was in quite a huff.

Feeling refreshed and a bit hungry I suggested we get a snack before we go on for the evening. She agreed. I spotted the pretzel stand and suggested a yummy cinnamon pretzel. We all agreed that might be tasty to share. Then, Pig Pig spotted them. I was trying to make her focus on how yummy all of the different pretzels looked. However, there was nothing I could do once she saw THEM. There they were rolling on the cooker. Smelling quite yummy themselves, but I would not have requested anything of the sort. Not with Pig Pig with us. She was stunned. Stunned to see such an atrocity, she snorted and stomped in protest. I informed her that we were not going to order that. We were getting a pretzel. She wondered how I could even eat from such a place. I told her that some people like hot dogs and sausages. She couldn’t understand how, they were pigs. Why would someone want to eat such a thing? I told her that, well, they were tasty. I even liked hot dogs. I used to eat the beef ones until I became allergic to beef. Now, I had to eat only chicken or pork. Oh, that was it. It was about all I could do to keep her in the store. I thought she had settled down as we were snacking on the pretzel. I hadn’t noticed that she had snuck away from us and the table.

When I finally found her she was in a tree. The highest branch she could wedge herself in. There she was, Pig Pig, sitting in a tree, in the cold, outside AAFES. She was crying. She told me she couldn’t believe that I would actually eat pork. I told her that I really hate chicken and fish, and that pork tasted better. She said that was the most disgusting thing she had ever heard me say, and she had heard some horrible things come out of my mouth. I told her that I was trying to work towards becoming a vegetarian, and that it was going quite well. She looked at me and smiled. I told her “really, I want to be a vegetarian.” I already tend to eat more vegetables than meat now. However, I do enjoy eating some pork, chicken, fish and shell fish every now and then. She said we’d discuss this some other day. Now, we needed to move on. She allowed me to take her out of the tree and we got back in my truck and left.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I started writing a little story about a plastic pig I found at Target at the beginning of January 2008. It's posted on but, I thought I'd post some of it here as well. The photos here will be much smaller, but the story will be more in tact for those that would rather read it all together.
This will be a set of photos of a little plastic squishy named Pig Pig. She will wander the world with me and I will document it. Along the way I will begin to tell her story.I hope you will enjoy this little trip. It all began easy enough one day in January 2008.(c) Dee Crawford 2008
THE STORY BEGINS:See it all began on Thursday. Well, really it began when I found Pig Pig inside a little plastic container at Target. There she was sitting in a plastic tomb looking at me with those little beady eyes. She wanted out. Out of that confining plastic container, I knew right then she had to come home with me. After all, she looked stressed.
So, I bought her. I walked out of Target with her in my hands, not in the plastic bag with all the other goodies I bought that day. After all we were already making plans. Plans to take over the world. Sorry, I flashed to a Pinky and The Brain episode. So, it was just me and Pinky…I mean Pig Pig. She sat in my truck (Johnny) for a week before we decided on the perfect day to break out of her pin. She sat on Johnny’s dash board on the passenger’s side watching out the window as I drove to and from work every day.
She would often complain of my road rage. However, she handled it well, regularly calming me down after someone had cut me off. Reminding me gently that it was my reaction and my output in the world that mattered, not what they had done. I would smile and thank her for her wise wisdom.

Well, it was Thursday, January 24, 2008 when Pig Pig finally convinced me that it was okay for her to go into the store with me. Before we went in she wanted to model again. She remembered modeling in Target with a cousin. So, she snorted her request to be placed on Johnny’s hood so she could model again. She was so excited to go in and go shopping. It wasn’t just any store it was AAFES at Fort Sam Houston that she wanted to go into. She promised that she would be on her best behavior; after all she wanted to see some of the good looking Troops with me. I never can deny that we do have some of the best looking Soldiers at FSH. She was right, as usual, right inside the food court area was a very handsome SFC sitting there with some friends talking. She told me to go take their photo, on the sly of course. I told her there were rules and regulations about photographing in and around a Military Installation. So, we couldn't take the photo. She was disappointed, but was excited about going into the store. So into the store the store we went.

The first thing Pig Pig saw was the Vera Wang Princess perfume. She mentioned how we have the same taste in perfume. I reminded her that actually, she liked Princess, I liked just the Vera Wang perfume. Either way, I loved how she looked modeling the perfume. Once I had taken her photo, she noticed how it looked like she had a real crown on her little head. She squealed with excitement.
To be continued...
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Monday, January 14, 2008

The time has come to stop all the whining!

In reference to this article:

I am so sick and tired of the he said she said crap. I'm so sick of the "I'm white" or I'm black" crap! You know there comes a time in life when you have got to stop whining because of the color of your skin, sexuality, age, religion, and other stuff you carry around. You know if you have an issue with the fact that you were born either white, black, brown, or any other color then deal with it. Stop whinining! I'm so sick of that card being played. My you really think it needs to be in this day and time. We have other issues to deal with that are bigger than you and your damn ego. If you really want things to change - then work at it. If you see something that could be done differently or better, than DO IT!

I am not looking forward to this presidental election. I think almost all of the canidates SUCK!
Who am I going to vote for? I have no clue right now. But, I know it will be someone that doesn't through crap at their competition. Someone that can deal with the things that we as American's really need to work on and not complain and whine about the fact that someone was born white or black; or whether one person helped another's dream become a reality. Look, if MLK Jr. lived...this world would probably be much different. His vision for a better place would probably have come true. However, some jackass killed him. So, his dream went on and is working at still becoming a reality by other's - some of them are white, some brown, and some black. Just deal with and help it. Stop whining.

Whew! I feel better!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


BMW to my daughter, Mom and me means Bitch, Moan and Whine. I call us the BMW Ladies. It all started on our trip to California in 2003. Well, BMW has stuck with us, and now I will enlighten you on some things and the way I feel.

Let's talk about rude, arrogant or just mean behavior. You know the things you hate, but may catch yourself doing from time to time. Not meaning to do, but still none the less, still doing it.

Road rage – Okay, there is not a human on this planet that has not been affected by this horrendous issue, and let’s all be honest here – you’ve done it too. You know flying that glorious bird at a drive that cut you off, or is just going so darn slow that it makes you steam. You know I can remember when we drove 75 mph on the roads and the drivers were much more courteous, and didn’t drive nearly as close to my bumper as they do now. So, the next time someone flies that bird your way, smile at them. While you’re at it – blow them a kiss! It’s funny to see the reaction.

Family – Okay everyone has one. We don’t always like them, or having to deal with them. Some out there are freaks and had “normal” childhoods and happy lives. Well, petuie on them! LOL The rest of us are “normal” and had family’s that put the fun back in dysfunctional! Like my own. Since both sets of my Grandparents have passed away, I don’t have much of a family past my wonderful daughter, and my parents. Oh, I have a brother, but I don’t know him anymore. Shoot, I haven’t really known him since he left home at 18 to go to TX A&M. He has his family, and we’re not to intrude. So, I don’t. I’ve chosen this year to accept that I have an awesome brother. That’s it. Nothing more, why should there be. I love my brother, he’s my brother after all, but do I have to do that whole…fake crap? His wife has made it clear, at least to me and my daughter, that she does not want any part of his family. They have completely excluded my daughter from any event. They’ve never been to an important event in her life. Her 16th birthday – they had some excuse. Her high school graduation – they had another one. Well, don’t look for a wedding invitation when that time comes around, we’ll save you the excuse search!
Okay, so maybe it’s just me…but, darn I feel a bit better now. See I got a really ugly email from my SIL today about her, and supposedly my brother, not wanting us to come see him when he comes home from war. Hey, don’t get on me…I get that when the Troops come home they need to be with their family. Well, the one that gave birth to you may want to spend a bit of time with you to…but, NO! They’ve been “told” that they will not be spending anytime with my parents. For me, it’s not a big deal, I didn’t plan on going…I was working on my excuse. Well, honestly – I’m moving that weekend anyway. I’m sure I’ll see my brother at some point again in my life…just not next weekend.

Picking on others – I don’t care if it’s an animal or a person. Someone at some point has not only been on the receiving end of this, but has given it as well. I know I was picked on in school, by my brother, and my Dad. My Dad still swears it was for my own good, it made me tougher. Odd, now some call me a bitch…I thought it was because I was tough. LOL Well there are those that tease, pick on or make fun of people for one reason or another. It’s as if they truly get their jollies off that way. I believe it’s because someone did it to them. Instead of learning from that and not doing it to others they do it back. It sucks.
Then, there are those that do it to animals – I swear, those are the one’s I want to just smoosh into a dog food can then seal them up in it. Animals only love you. They NEVER do anything but want love. There are those that have been trained to be mean. (I own a pit bull/bull terrier mix.) I hate those people the most. I think because of my dog I feel this way. My dog is the sweetest thing. He’s a bit confused. He believes he’s a cattle dog. No, honestly I think he swears he is one. It’s funny. However, when I call him…he comes and just wraps himself around me and “hugs” my leg…no! Not hump it…he looks like a “C” when he’s wrapped around my leg. The fact that he weighs 80 pounds is a bit much though. But, I know he does it because he loves me. Even our insurance guy says he’s a sweetie.
So, the point is…stop being mean to others!!!

Oh, there are so many other things…list some of yours. I’d love to hear back from you.

This is my year for honesty, to others and me. I hope everyone I come into contact with this year can handle this choice I’ve made. I know I look forward to the honesty of those around me. For instance, my boss, she’s very blunt and honest. I love that about her. I don’t always like what she may have to say to me at the time…but, I always respect her for being honest.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome 2008

Welcome 2008!!! What will you bring me? I shall greet you as a friend and welcome you into my heart. I know that I look forward to the changes and the positive creations I will have enter my world this year. Welcome!

This year is going to bring so much change for me. I’m moving off the farm I’ve lived on for six years now. I think to myself, “is this the right decision?” Apprehensive? Yes, a bit. I think all change creates a bit of apprehension. However, I’m completely excited about the changes I’m going to be making. Moving back into the “big city” is something I swore I would never do again. I thought I would stay in the country forever. It’s so peaceful, open, full of wonderful creatures, and memories. There are no neighbors to bother, or annoy me. The sounds of the streets and people are far enough away that I have to strain to hear them. Did I mention it’s peaceful? LOL Oh, don’t forget the stars and the amazing sky that you can see in the country that you can not see in the city. Oh, I will miss that.

Gee, things I’m not going to miss – um, those stupid roosters, the cattle making all that noise, the horse outside my window (scaring the crud out of me), and the roosters…oh, I mentioned that already. I really hate roosters! I’m not going to miss that 35 minute drive to and from work everyday. I’m not going to miss having to drive into the city to do any kind of shopping. I will not miss the almost daily fights with my father. I’m not going to miss calling my dog to come in for thirty minutes before she decides now is the time to wag her way back into the house after chasing the calves.

I will miss my Mom. Okay, I’ll miss my Dad too. After all they are two of my biggest supporters, my daughter being my number fan. She’s awesome and my best friend. Sorry, I digress! I’ll miss the fresh eggs, but I’ll get them weekly. I’ll miss my pit bull/bull terrier Booda. He’s my baby. There’s just too much ignorance surrounding the breed that he’s half of now in San Antonio. I’ll miss my other two cats. However, we’re taking one dog, a cat and a bird with us.

My hopes, dreams and goals for this year:
1. To be HAPPY with ME!
2. Finish my degree – FINALLY!
3. Begin dating, it’s been 12 years!
4. Work on my art, writing and photography
5. Make some sort of money from #4. LOL
6. Learn more about my faith
7. Be a better Mom. (Even though my daughter’s friends say I’m the best.)
8. Travel more, see parts of the US that I’ve never been to
9. Try to save $1,000 a month to buy a new car in 2009
10. Relax and learn to love, laugh, and live life to the fullest.

(BTW - I chose this font because I love the old typewriter look.)