Thursday, January 3, 2008


BMW to my daughter, Mom and me means Bitch, Moan and Whine. I call us the BMW Ladies. It all started on our trip to California in 2003. Well, BMW has stuck with us, and now I will enlighten you on some things and the way I feel.

Let's talk about rude, arrogant or just mean behavior. You know the things you hate, but may catch yourself doing from time to time. Not meaning to do, but still none the less, still doing it.

Road rage – Okay, there is not a human on this planet that has not been affected by this horrendous issue, and let’s all be honest here – you’ve done it too. You know flying that glorious bird at a drive that cut you off, or is just going so darn slow that it makes you steam. You know I can remember when we drove 75 mph on the roads and the drivers were much more courteous, and didn’t drive nearly as close to my bumper as they do now. So, the next time someone flies that bird your way, smile at them. While you’re at it – blow them a kiss! It’s funny to see the reaction.

Family – Okay everyone has one. We don’t always like them, or having to deal with them. Some out there are freaks and had “normal” childhoods and happy lives. Well, petuie on them! LOL The rest of us are “normal” and had family’s that put the fun back in dysfunctional! Like my own. Since both sets of my Grandparents have passed away, I don’t have much of a family past my wonderful daughter, and my parents. Oh, I have a brother, but I don’t know him anymore. Shoot, I haven’t really known him since he left home at 18 to go to TX A&M. He has his family, and we’re not to intrude. So, I don’t. I’ve chosen this year to accept that I have an awesome brother. That’s it. Nothing more, why should there be. I love my brother, he’s my brother after all, but do I have to do that whole…fake crap? His wife has made it clear, at least to me and my daughter, that she does not want any part of his family. They have completely excluded my daughter from any event. They’ve never been to an important event in her life. Her 16th birthday – they had some excuse. Her high school graduation – they had another one. Well, don’t look for a wedding invitation when that time comes around, we’ll save you the excuse search!
Okay, so maybe it’s just me…but, darn I feel a bit better now. See I got a really ugly email from my SIL today about her, and supposedly my brother, not wanting us to come see him when he comes home from war. Hey, don’t get on me…I get that when the Troops come home they need to be with their family. Well, the one that gave birth to you may want to spend a bit of time with you to…but, NO! They’ve been “told” that they will not be spending anytime with my parents. For me, it’s not a big deal, I didn’t plan on going…I was working on my excuse. Well, honestly – I’m moving that weekend anyway. I’m sure I’ll see my brother at some point again in my life…just not next weekend.

Picking on others – I don’t care if it’s an animal or a person. Someone at some point has not only been on the receiving end of this, but has given it as well. I know I was picked on in school, by my brother, and my Dad. My Dad still swears it was for my own good, it made me tougher. Odd, now some call me a bitch…I thought it was because I was tough. LOL Well there are those that tease, pick on or make fun of people for one reason or another. It’s as if they truly get their jollies off that way. I believe it’s because someone did it to them. Instead of learning from that and not doing it to others they do it back. It sucks.
Then, there are those that do it to animals – I swear, those are the one’s I want to just smoosh into a dog food can then seal them up in it. Animals only love you. They NEVER do anything but want love. There are those that have been trained to be mean. (I own a pit bull/bull terrier mix.) I hate those people the most. I think because of my dog I feel this way. My dog is the sweetest thing. He’s a bit confused. He believes he’s a cattle dog. No, honestly I think he swears he is one. It’s funny. However, when I call him…he comes and just wraps himself around me and “hugs” my leg…no! Not hump it…he looks like a “C” when he’s wrapped around my leg. The fact that he weighs 80 pounds is a bit much though. But, I know he does it because he loves me. Even our insurance guy says he’s a sweetie.
So, the point is…stop being mean to others!!!

Oh, there are so many other things…list some of yours. I’d love to hear back from you.

This is my year for honesty, to others and me. I hope everyone I come into contact with this year can handle this choice I’ve made. I know I look forward to the honesty of those around me. For instance, my boss, she’s very blunt and honest. I love that about her. I don’t always like what she may have to say to me at the time…but, I always respect her for being honest.

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