Monday, January 14, 2008

The time has come to stop all the whining!

In reference to this article:

I am so sick and tired of the he said she said crap. I'm so sick of the "I'm white" or I'm black" crap! You know there comes a time in life when you have got to stop whining because of the color of your skin, sexuality, age, religion, and other stuff you carry around. You know if you have an issue with the fact that you were born either white, black, brown, or any other color then deal with it. Stop whinining! I'm so sick of that card being played. My you really think it needs to be in this day and time. We have other issues to deal with that are bigger than you and your damn ego. If you really want things to change - then work at it. If you see something that could be done differently or better, than DO IT!

I am not looking forward to this presidental election. I think almost all of the canidates SUCK!
Who am I going to vote for? I have no clue right now. But, I know it will be someone that doesn't through crap at their competition. Someone that can deal with the things that we as American's really need to work on and not complain and whine about the fact that someone was born white or black; or whether one person helped another's dream become a reality. Look, if MLK Jr. lived...this world would probably be much different. His vision for a better place would probably have come true. However, some jackass killed him. So, his dream went on and is working at still becoming a reality by other's - some of them are white, some brown, and some black. Just deal with and help it. Stop whining.

Whew! I feel better!

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