Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome 2008

Welcome 2008!!! What will you bring me? I shall greet you as a friend and welcome you into my heart. I know that I look forward to the changes and the positive creations I will have enter my world this year. Welcome!

This year is going to bring so much change for me. I’m moving off the farm I’ve lived on for six years now. I think to myself, “is this the right decision?” Apprehensive? Yes, a bit. I think all change creates a bit of apprehension. However, I’m completely excited about the changes I’m going to be making. Moving back into the “big city” is something I swore I would never do again. I thought I would stay in the country forever. It’s so peaceful, open, full of wonderful creatures, and memories. There are no neighbors to bother, or annoy me. The sounds of the streets and people are far enough away that I have to strain to hear them. Did I mention it’s peaceful? LOL Oh, don’t forget the stars and the amazing sky that you can see in the country that you can not see in the city. Oh, I will miss that.

Gee, things I’m not going to miss – um, those stupid roosters, the cattle making all that noise, the horse outside my window (scaring the crud out of me), and the roosters…oh, I mentioned that already. I really hate roosters! I’m not going to miss that 35 minute drive to and from work everyday. I’m not going to miss having to drive into the city to do any kind of shopping. I will not miss the almost daily fights with my father. I’m not going to miss calling my dog to come in for thirty minutes before she decides now is the time to wag her way back into the house after chasing the calves.

I will miss my Mom. Okay, I’ll miss my Dad too. After all they are two of my biggest supporters, my daughter being my number fan. She’s awesome and my best friend. Sorry, I digress! I’ll miss the fresh eggs, but I’ll get them weekly. I’ll miss my pit bull/bull terrier Booda. He’s my baby. There’s just too much ignorance surrounding the breed that he’s half of now in San Antonio. I’ll miss my other two cats. However, we’re taking one dog, a cat and a bird with us.

My hopes, dreams and goals for this year:
1. To be HAPPY with ME!
2. Finish my degree – FINALLY!
3. Begin dating, it’s been 12 years!
4. Work on my art, writing and photography
5. Make some sort of money from #4. LOL
6. Learn more about my faith
7. Be a better Mom. (Even though my daughter’s friends say I’m the best.)
8. Travel more, see parts of the US that I’ve never been to
9. Try to save $1,000 a month to buy a new car in 2009
10. Relax and learn to love, laugh, and live life to the fullest.

(BTW - I chose this font because I love the old typewriter look.)

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NikonLady said...

Looking back over this posting, life has truly changed. I moved three times in 2008. Into the city, into another city, and then back to the big city. WOW! Then, after a year, I moved out of the country completely. I bought a new car in 2009, and love it.
I now live in Germany. What will the rest of 2010 bring me? I still do not have a man in my life, but I'm so happy who knows?

I get along with my father now better than I have my entire life, and I adore him. I'm thankful for having the courage to move away.

I'm happy with my faith, and am closer to my faith than I ever have been.