Monday, January 28, 2008

I started writing a little story about a plastic pig I found at Target at the beginning of January 2008. It's posted on but, I thought I'd post some of it here as well. The photos here will be much smaller, but the story will be more in tact for those that would rather read it all together.
This will be a set of photos of a little plastic squishy named Pig Pig. She will wander the world with me and I will document it. Along the way I will begin to tell her story.I hope you will enjoy this little trip. It all began easy enough one day in January 2008.(c) Dee Crawford 2008
THE STORY BEGINS:See it all began on Thursday. Well, really it began when I found Pig Pig inside a little plastic container at Target. There she was sitting in a plastic tomb looking at me with those little beady eyes. She wanted out. Out of that confining plastic container, I knew right then she had to come home with me. After all, she looked stressed.
So, I bought her. I walked out of Target with her in my hands, not in the plastic bag with all the other goodies I bought that day. After all we were already making plans. Plans to take over the world. Sorry, I flashed to a Pinky and The Brain episode. So, it was just me and Pinky…I mean Pig Pig. She sat in my truck (Johnny) for a week before we decided on the perfect day to break out of her pin. She sat on Johnny’s dash board on the passenger’s side watching out the window as I drove to and from work every day.
She would often complain of my road rage. However, she handled it well, regularly calming me down after someone had cut me off. Reminding me gently that it was my reaction and my output in the world that mattered, not what they had done. I would smile and thank her for her wise wisdom.

Well, it was Thursday, January 24, 2008 when Pig Pig finally convinced me that it was okay for her to go into the store with me. Before we went in she wanted to model again. She remembered modeling in Target with a cousin. So, she snorted her request to be placed on Johnny’s hood so she could model again. She was so excited to go in and go shopping. It wasn’t just any store it was AAFES at Fort Sam Houston that she wanted to go into. She promised that she would be on her best behavior; after all she wanted to see some of the good looking Troops with me. I never can deny that we do have some of the best looking Soldiers at FSH. She was right, as usual, right inside the food court area was a very handsome SFC sitting there with some friends talking. She told me to go take their photo, on the sly of course. I told her there were rules and regulations about photographing in and around a Military Installation. So, we couldn't take the photo. She was disappointed, but was excited about going into the store. So into the store the store we went.

The first thing Pig Pig saw was the Vera Wang Princess perfume. She mentioned how we have the same taste in perfume. I reminded her that actually, she liked Princess, I liked just the Vera Wang perfume. Either way, I loved how she looked modeling the perfume. Once I had taken her photo, she noticed how it looked like she had a real crown on her little head. She squealed with excitement.
To be continued...
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