Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pig Pig part 2

In further to AAFES we went looking at electronics, makeup, purses. You know all the things a lady might need. After waiting on my Mom (USNS) to get a raincheck on a Nintendo DS for herself we wandered over to the book section. Pig Pig spotted a nice comfy leather chair to sit in. She settled down taking up most of the seat for herself she told me to get her a book. She couldn’t decide on one for herself so she told me to pick it out. I reminded her that we really didn’t have time today to read, but if she didn’t make a pigsty of the area I would take her photo in the big chair. So, she nestled in and smiled softly.

Down the isles we wandered after the chair photo looking for stuff for her to model with. She thought that she finally found the career that would make her happy, modeling. She wasn’t really picky about what she modeled with as long as it wasn’t anything that resembled a pig that had met it’s demise. I chuckled as we walked past some Superbowl party supplies. I spotted a display of snacks inside a plastic football. I snickered as I told her “look Pig Pig, a plastic pigskin like you.” She snorted in disgust at my ill mannered comment. I explained that footballs used to be called “pigskins” because, well, they were made from pigskins. She was aghast at such horror. However, she said she would pose for a photo between two of the canisters as long as I promised not to purchase anything of the sort to take home. I did so begrudgingly.

After the pigskin fiasco Pig Pig informed me that she needed to use the Sow’s room. So, in we went. Naturally, you have to put paper on the seat. The great thing about AAFES is they provide those nice little toilet seat covers. As she sat ready to do her piggy business I snapped her photo one more time. She squealed in disgust that I would take such a private photo. I left her to do her business, but reminded her not to make a pig of herself by doing any sprinkling when she was tinkling and to flush the toilet when she was complete.

Finally, she finished doing her business and was ready to wash her hands. She can’t stand to make a mess. She patiently waited behind Ashlee (ErinFairy06) to dry herself off. She snorted that Ashlee was taking much too long to get paper towels. Then, when Ashlee didn’t hand her a paper towel she was in quite a huff.

Feeling refreshed and a bit hungry I suggested we get a snack before we go on for the evening. She agreed. I spotted the pretzel stand and suggested a yummy cinnamon pretzel. We all agreed that might be tasty to share. Then, Pig Pig spotted them. I was trying to make her focus on how yummy all of the different pretzels looked. However, there was nothing I could do once she saw THEM. There they were rolling on the cooker. Smelling quite yummy themselves, but I would not have requested anything of the sort. Not with Pig Pig with us. She was stunned. Stunned to see such an atrocity, she snorted and stomped in protest. I informed her that we were not going to order that. We were getting a pretzel. She wondered how I could even eat from such a place. I told her that some people like hot dogs and sausages. She couldn’t understand how, they were pigs. Why would someone want to eat such a thing? I told her that, well, they were tasty. I even liked hot dogs. I used to eat the beef ones until I became allergic to beef. Now, I had to eat only chicken or pork. Oh, that was it. It was about all I could do to keep her in the store. I thought she had settled down as we were snacking on the pretzel. I hadn’t noticed that she had snuck away from us and the table.

When I finally found her she was in a tree. The highest branch she could wedge herself in. There she was, Pig Pig, sitting in a tree, in the cold, outside AAFES. She was crying. She told me she couldn’t believe that I would actually eat pork. I told her that I really hate chicken and fish, and that pork tasted better. She said that was the most disgusting thing she had ever heard me say, and she had heard some horrible things come out of my mouth. I told her that I was trying to work towards becoming a vegetarian, and that it was going quite well. She looked at me and smiled. I told her “really, I want to be a vegetarian.” I already tend to eat more vegetables than meat now. However, I do enjoy eating some pork, chicken, fish and shell fish every now and then. She said we’d discuss this some other day. Now, we needed to move on. She allowed me to take her out of the tree and we got back in my truck and left.

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