Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Proud and WHITE!

Okay, I know I've made a stand about this before. However, I'm completely sick and tired of this crap.

Why on earth do all the other nationalities and races get their own grants, and colleges? You know good darn well if a group of white adults tried to do this for "white" kids we'd be called racists. This is bullshit!


We have the NAACP, we have the NCF, HCF, NHU, a nd so many more. OMG! If the caucasians, white, non-"miniority" people did this it would be a call to Congress to stop!

Seriously, I'm having to work my ass of to put myself and my daughter through school. I didn't go out and continually have kids so that I could live off of walfare or beg for hand outs. So, because I had ONE child out of wedlock and raised her on my own and raised her right. She's never gotten into trouble, she doesn't drink, party or sleep around with guys, or girls. She's not gay, and neither am I. (With that said...mind you we are a "Gay friendly" family. We do not judge others. However, we're sick of other's getting everything!)
We are penalized and told we have to get a loan. There are no funds for us. BULLSHIT!

For once I would like to be proud of being "white", caucasian or non-minority and not be called a racist.

This sucks! I'm just whining now...


Erinfairy08 said...

I'm right there with you! I completely agree. Thank you for putting me through college!

NikonLady said...

Well, we're not quite done. I just don't want you to take as long as I have. LOL
I love you completely!