Saturday, August 7, 2010

A hunt for color in the land of the gray? No Problem!

I found Ireland to be a bit gray . . . when you looked up and leaned over to the side, hanging onto the railing with your toes. Other than that - I found Ireland to be full of color, love and passion. A passionate country my Great Grandfather left in 1886.

I went to visit, got there and wondered why on earth he ever left this amazing land. The people are magnificent. The country is beautiful and rich with color. The food is okay...but the food is cooked with a passion often missed. The trains were a mixture of passion poured through a seive, sprinkled with warmth of a hug.

It's a land I cried when I left, and will celebrate when I return. It's the land that stole my soul. My sweet Ireland I will return.

I went knowing I had a photo scavenger hunt/swap of sorts to complete. So, I went with colors in mind.

1. Red is such a key color in marketing and decor in business now. It's hard to miss. Here in the Frankfurt airport the color is splashed throughout the eating areas.

2. Is a little orange beauty that was growing right outside my friend's home near Dublin, Ireland.

3. The handlebars on the Green Touring bus in Dublin are BRIGHT yellow. Loved it.

4. I LOVED that the post boxes were green. At least the ones I saw were.

5. This little blue Molly was in several places throughout Dublin. I spotted her on a second story window as well.

6. The purple gummy postbox was too cute. I spoted it in a bag of Roundtree's Randoms which are a variety of gummy candies, and quite yummy!

7. The pink flowers were growing inside the Trim Castle in Trim, Ireland

8. The doors of Dublin are known world wide. However, you don't really see many brown ones, so I really loved this one. It was one of my favorite doors.

9. The street art is just as popular in Dublin as it is in other places in the world. It's not as bad as it is in Germany. So, I appreciated the art I saw here. These little black robots were wonderful, and only in a few places.

10. Finally, the churches/cathederals are sprinkled all over Dublin and Ireland. Although I'm not Christian I do love churches and all the beauty that goes into decorating them. The candles represent such a sense of peace and love for me. The white of the candles and the flames always make me hope that someday all religions will learn to coexist!

I loved photo scavenger hunts. This one allowed me to use my own passion for photography as an art and think way outside of the box.

If you'd like to see them individually check out my Flickr. If you liked, or didn't like, the images let me know by leaving a comment.

Have a great day!


noricum said...

Thanks for the comment you left at my blog! :) (I left one back for you, in case you didn't subscribe. I'm always forgetting to subscribe myself.)

I love your scavenger hunt photos!

Tima said...

I knew I should've signed up for that swap! Might just take the challenge and find some rainbow everywhere this week.

NikonGoddess said...

@ Noricum - Thanks, I enjoyed doing the hunt. Oh, I am following you. I love how you write.

@ Tima - Oh, do it. It's just fun to challenge ourselves sometimes to do it. I'm thinking of doing a personal white themed hunt. Enjoy yours.

Simone said...

Well done.
Love the collage. How cool is that - showing that Ireland can offer colour too LOL.
I used Northern Ireland and South Africa to make mine up