Sunday, August 22, 2010


Religion is a HUGE topic right now in America. I should say religious intolerance!
This is the number one reason I wanted out of the country I called home. Unless you're a Christian 'you're in a religion that is considered a cult, and/or you follow or worship the devil.' It's sad and pathetic. I shouldn't say all say this, or even feel this way, but I will state the large majority do. This includes my own biological family.

I was a Christian for 41 years of my life, and a devoted one. I have an addictive personality though. So, when I do something I do it all the way; both feet in; swimming all around. I dive in head first and stay until I'm all shriveled up.

I was a Sunday school teacher, and a preacher to anyone who would give me two minutes of their time. This all changed when the veil was lifted and I started to see the hatred humans were pouring out onto one another "in the name of Christ." Exactly when and where does it state, in the book written by various men, during various times, that it is okay to spew judgement and hatred. Don't interpret bible verses to fit your anger. Read the two verses before, and at least two after the one you choose. Take it in it's orginal context, not out of it to fit your mood. Read the entire book, not just certain chapters or books in the book. It's filled with so much: lessons, guidance, love, sensuality, horror, fear - it's filled with everything you could imagine or want from a movie and more.

Right now America's anger is geared towards those that worship inside a Mosque.

Don't get me wrong - I despise those that did what they did on September 11, 2001. It hits my life VERY close to home! I despise those that did what they did, and all those they are tied to. However, this does NOT mean I hate all Muslims. What a narrow minded person and way of thinking that would be. This would be as bad as me stating I hate ALL Christians. I don't - just the crazy, over zealous and hate filled mongers of the faith that use it, or hide behind it as a crutch.

Jesus was a good teacher, filled with love for all. Think about it though. So was Buddha, and many of the Gods and Goddesses of the Celts, Hindus and others that worship multiples, the Great Spirit and others. We all follow the same - we just choose to call them something different.

Do not be afraid to open your heart, mind and soul to learn what is out there.

The worst thing to do is shut down, and not to continue to educate onself to the other religions. Doing so teaches hate and intolerance.

Don't hate - Educate!


Babs said...

....beautifully said.
What I see / feel / hear from my fellow Christians makes my heart sadder, and sadder every day.....
Where is the LOVE?!

NikonGoddess said...

That's what I wonder. I'm so saddened by the comments of my own family.
I often wonder where I got this attitude I have about the world. I just don't want to strike out against others...but I hear so many that do.

Love you lady!

Momo-Mama said...

Very well said! I believe it all comes down to living well...being kind, caring for others and the earth etc. Many current religions focus so much on what happens after we die, my focus is on how I live.