Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heidelberg Germany - The Real Side

Heidelberg, Germany
Beauty - awesome and there
Kindness - obviously hidden under a rock under the back of the castle
Love and Compassionate People - still seeking
Happy to be here - Yes...I will remain happy.

I have lived in Germany three times. So, my feelings here caught even me off guard. I have never experienced such a level of dislike for others, especially Americans, as I do here.

I have decided to start blogging about Heidelberg Germany. We moved here in January. We have talked with maybe ten people that are plesant while here. The rest of the people are down right rude and uncomfortable to be around. I have never in my entire life been to a place where there are so many people that stare, speak ugly to you, and are just down right unhelpful.

I keep hearing, the people are nice. NO! If they are then I haven't found them. People wonder why the American's come here and stick together. Well, if you go out all excited to be in a new place, try to use their language, and still get treated ugly; then, you stop trying. You become filled with anger and hatred towards things. People kept telling me they are so nice and helpful. Really? Are they only out on a certain day of the week? I know they are not out when we are.

No, wait that's not true - Dubliner in Heidelberg is AWESOME! The employees are kind, helpful and if you stumble on a German word they help you pronounce it correctly.

I will be using this blog to show you places NOT to eat while here, and places to avoid if you're looking for kindness.

I didn't become like this overnight. The rudeness and arrogance has built up a bad taste in my mouth and I will now display it to the world. I'm a very, happy person and I'm 99.9999% sweet and bubbly to all those around me. However, too much of a bad thing can begin to kill the happy person. I don't want that to happen. So, if I take all the ick and bad that happen, and start posting photos of said people and the places they workd. It will make me chuckle. Plus, it will warn travelers where not to go - maybe.

I will not stop trying to make this a happy place to be. Shoot, I'm here for five years...I better make the best of it! Also, I will be kind to all - always. That's just who I am. But be ye warned...if you're ugly to and your store will show up here! I have an iPhone and I know how to use the camera well. I will of course ask to take the persons photo. I will then take a photo of the store or place to eat.

One more side note: If you're looking for a pet and you're American - FORGET IT! Because of the stupidity and bad judgement of a few we all pay the price of not being able to adopt or purchase a dog. They will not and they're open about it...well on their websites they are. In person they lie and tell you someone came by yesterday and is interested in it.

Oh, it's on now! LOL

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