Thursday, October 21, 2010


The journey continues towards the pursuit of happiness. Well, I thought it was, along the way I fell over a bump and thought that it was adding someone to the mix that would make me happy. In reality, it's only me that can be happy. See, I'm a bit neurotic?

WHAT? You ask? A person with a blog is neurotic? WTF???!!!

Sure, I am. There I admit it.

The problem is that when I add more to the mixture that is me, I become even more neurotic. I focus on them. You know the "why aren't they calling?"; or "why aren't they texting me?"; or worse yet "why are they adding her/him to their fb?" Seriously? WTF? Okay, so the other person has a life too, and NO maybe you're not as important in their life as you thought you were. So, let it go. Shit, they have stuff to do, and will get back with you when they have time. You have the choice to wait or get your ass off the sofa and go out. Maybe meet someone else, or just have a damn good time. The choice is yours, and guess what NO that person does not hope that all of your happiness rises and falls in the palms of their hands.

So, the journey continues to towards the pursuit of happiness - it's my choice how I navigate. Today, I take the road less traveled and make my own happiness.

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Freelancing from Home said...

Hi YOU! I perused my blog sites today and saw this one. I thought Nikon Goddess? I wonder if this is Dee's blog....and there your photo of yourself be! Pretty blog..pretty pictures. HOPE you're having FUN! ~ GO SAHS alumn's!