Friday, September 2, 2011

Shut UP

Yes! I said it. Shut the hell up! I'm going to piss of a whole bunch of people with this posting, but I'm so sick of this I have to say something. So, here goes. As you know I'm an American stationed in Germany as a Civilian. I live next door, in row houses, to another Ami (this is how the German's "lovingly" refer to us). Well, this Ami (because they truly FIT this derogatory term), is a typical Ami! He's LOUD, obnoxious, rude and just all around BLECH! Here's the main thing though - he married a woman that had a kid. Okay, that's not bad & I'm not knocking that, what I am knocking is her pathetic excuse at parenting. Their form of dispiline is SCREAMING at this little brat. Here's the thing - Germany is quiet. I mean really wonderfully quiet and peaceful. I LOVE it here because of that. I have a bit of an issue with loud noises. So, Germany suits my soul. Back to the Ami's - Well, I was sitting outside with my puppies and German Shepherd watching them play for a bit when out walks the sergeant all lound and singing "Rehab" at the top of his voice and loudly announcing someone named Tyler, over and over. Well, I scoop up the puppies and call Logan (the German Shepherd) into the house. As I do not like these people and I do not want to be associated with them and their loud behavior - because it is ALWAYS LOUD! Here's the thing - their little "darlin'" shreaks at the top of her lungs for as long as she can if she is told NO by step-daddy. It is a miracle in itself if mommy ever says anything, but when she does it's screaming and yelling, normally started off with "NO!" So, this starts the kid screaming again. Well, apparently the little friend "Tyler" is about the other child's age. Oh, joy two three year olds in the back yard (very tiny back yard) in a set of row houses, and now they are shreaking and screaming as loud as they can. No laughter, just screaming. Why is this considered cute? Why is this okay? Not just here, but in life? Why don't some people NOT have children? Oh, wait - step daddy just came outside and told her no about something, not sure what - maybe they weren't sharing something properly - all I know is there was suddenly a piercing sonic scream that lasted a full 45 seconds. YES! I timed it. OMG I want to throttle this child. No, wait I want to throttle the parent and the step-parent. People, your child is NOT cute when it is screaming or shouting. Teach your children to use a normal level voice at all times. I KNOW it has everything to do with how the parent(s) talk/scream at the child. I mean they are nothing but little tiny sponges that soak up all the behavior we put in front of them - right? RIGHT! Well, my suggestion - take child development classes. LEARN how your child, and everybody elses child, will be developing in life. I did this because I wanted to raise my daughter right. Okay, sure you're asking if my daughter EVER screamed or shreaked when she was little. I can tell you with 100% honesty - NO! Not only NO, but HELL NO! Again, I have a bit of an issue with loud noises. So, my daughter did not shreak. She giggled, she laughed, she even gafawed, but she did not have any reason to shreak or scream at the top of her lungs. Wait, this may be wrong - there was this one time when we were listening to 99.5 KISS FM back in San Antonio, and she was in the third grade on the way to her christian school (another whole joke and story for another time), but they used to have what was called the "primal scream" in the morning. You know to get out all your frustrations and make sure you start the day off right. Well, for the fun of it we did it one time - here's the thing though - we were inside my car with the windows rolled up and the AC on, driving down the highway. (We lived in Texas, of course the windows were rolled up and the AC was on!) But, that is the ONLY time I remember Ashlee EVER being allowed to scream. It was fun. We ran out of breath and laughed. This child next door - she's just as obnoxious as her loud obnoxious step-father and mother. It is truly tacky to allow your children to scream or throw tantrums. Sure, tantrums are a part of life, but do you have to allow them to go on & on? People, try to remember who the parent is, and who the one RAISING the child is. The one that is supposed to set an example. Yes, that would be the one that gave birth and is raising them, putting clothing on them and food in their bodies. Stop raising little clods. Keep your child at a normal level. I am NOT saying that children should not be heard - my favorite sound in this universe is the sound of a child laughing, but not screaming. So, if you're offended by this - maybe your child is too loud. Have people ever given you "that" look because your kid is acting up? Then do something about it now, while they are young. Wait until they are teens and try to control them - good luck. They've already learned they can push your buttons over & over to get what they want and they win. Be a parent and do what's right. And if you live in Germany - be polite and accept the social rules and refrain from loud noises. Stop making the Germans believe we are truly an uncultured society that doesn't care about anyone but ourselves. Think of others. OMG that felt good to get out. If it offended you - I'm not apologizing. I hate loud, obnoxious, little brats. People that put boundries on their children have the best children. I'm NOT talking about abuse, I'm talking about saying NO and sticking to it. Try it - your children will appreciate it later.


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PS. I love when you blog. please do more of it...pretty please!!

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I couldn't agree with you more.