Monday, October 17, 2011

My geekier side of life

I can't express enough how much I do love the geeky side of life. I enjoy finding new techie (or is it techy?) stuff they've come up with, and things you can do with said new things. I want to run out and buy the stuff and try it - RIGHT THEN. Reality, I can't alwas afford it, nor can I competely grasp the stuff. So, I merely sit back and watch my Geek friends and family go all goo-goo-ga-ga over the stuff. I admire their knowledge and comprehension of how things work. I wonder when I stopped trying to TRY new things. I sit back and ponder. Then, I snap out of it, grab the new fandangled thing and give it a go.

This past Friday, I was one of the first 1 million people to get the new iPhone 4S. I had my 3G for almost two years. I held out. I wanted the new "5." Well, that's not what came out. What came out was a ramped up verision of the iPhone 4. What sucked is that everyone with that phone could now upgrade theirs to basically be the same. Okay, yes - the new 4S has a newer & more powerful processor, better antenna's, and the camera rocks my world - and that they canNOT get unless they too upgrade. But, is it worth it? YES! YES IT IS! *giggle* I LOVE my new phone. I waited and waited for it. I deserve it. I work hard, and I love my job. So, to have the new little thing makes me squee with delight. Did I talk with Siri? Yes, yes we had a conversation. She doesn't know as much as she claims in the commercials, but she's learning. The main thing I dislike about her is her lack of knowledge of Europe. It's frustrating. Okay, Apple - you're willing to sell the phone here - for the same price, or MORE than what it costs back in the good 'ole US of A, but you don't load maps of Europe on? Are you ignorant? Take a small gander at the internet usage of the world - yes the US of A is #2, BUT the rest of the world (must larger than the US, in case you were unaware) uses the internet too. I don't necessarily want or need suggestions of places to eat, but I would like to access my maps. Thank goodness for Google!

Other geek stuff - I LOVE vinyl toys. I'm not talking about those you have "intimate" knowledge of. I'm talking about toys, the little plastic things you play with or just sit on the shelf, as in my case. I have loads of them, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I see new ones I want all the time. This is sort of where my geek and my Disney freak combine. I really enjoy my Mickey vinyl toys. They come in all sorts and sizes. I also have an unhealthy obesssion with Treeson's and Monskey's. I have more Monskey's than Treeson's but I need...okay, I want more. I also combine my kitchen witchery with my geek side. I love new kitchen gadgets. I can't get enough of them. I swoon over the newest design of one thing or another. However, the fact that the kitchen is not the biggest room in the house, I am choosy on what I buy. Oh, but that does not stop me on swooning! The fact is my geek side influences my other sides often. My photographer fights to win most battles, but when the geek world clashes with my photographer world - photographer world wins everytime. It does welcome the geek side though. It's sort of the dark side of my photography side.

I want more and more of the nerdy geeky stuff to use and shoot with - lately it's been the simpler side. After all isn't that what being a geek is all about - making things simpler?

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