Sunday, January 18, 2009

Austin, Texas is one of those cities that you can enjoy alone, or as I did yesterday with six others.
You see my daughter and I had the awesome opportunity to live in Killeen, TX during this summer this year, because my job moved me from San Antonio to Killeen. Well, along the way I met some incredible soldiers and friends. I ended up "adopting" several soldiers as "my own kids." I truly love them like my own. So, every now and then I get the awesome opportunity to spend some time with them. Either they come to San Antonio or we drive up to Killeen. This time we all met in Austin. It was incredible.

To start off we all met inside the state capitol building. They said they were in the basement, in reality they were on the second floor. Funny that building if you're in the hallways you really can't tell where you are. It's when you wander into the center of the building you realize that you are indeed on another floor.

Once we found them we wandered the halls; went to see some offices. There is one guy in the building that has his office set up like an old time soda shop. No kidding! Did I get, they would not have turned out. However, I do plan on going back during the week sometime to capture the office! It was the coolest!

We went to Toy Joy, the coolest toy store outside of Archie McPhee's. All in all it was just an awesome day.

If you haven't been to Austin, or even if you have, there are some places you must check out. The Capitol building, go down Guadalupe and check out the HUGE chess board next to the library, keep going and go across the river near UT. Check out the campus, then go to Toy Joy, from there go play some frisbee golf, and then go eat at Freddies! Before you finish up the day head to Round Rock and go to IKEA.

All in all Austin, Texas is GREAT. If you know any only gets that much better. We had a great time. We had each of the elements they stood on the star and represented well.

Blessed Be!

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