Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teasing, bullying, arrogance, and stupidity

I just finished watching America's Got Talent. There was an unemployed farmer, Kevin Skinner, that came on to sing. He looked like a working class kind of guy, like most of the people I know in life. Well, the judges asked him what he did, and he stated he was out of work. They asked him what he used to do, and he replied he was a chicken catcher. The judges and audience burst into loud laughter. I burst into tears. My entire life I have fought for those that others make fun of. I get boiling mad when I hear someone making fun, or laughing at someone because they think they are better than the other individual.

Well, my folks have a farm. My daughter and I both have tried to catch chickens. Unless you've done it first hand you have no idea what a major pain in the ass it can be. Those little critters run really fast, and can turn a corner better than some jaguars! I swear...LOL But, I digress. When we would go out to try to catch them to get them in their pins it was be a sweat fest! Afterwards we didn't dislike the chicken farmers so much. See, my folks don't eat their livestock, they are really expensive pets. Seriously!

But, again I digress. When the audience and judges began laughing at Mr. Skinner I felt like someone was slapping him, or a crowd of people were standing around him pointing and laughing. It just made me so very angry.

Then Mr. Skinner began to sing, as I knew he would, as someone with hidden talent could. The song was perfection. I cried as he sang. He is amazing. I don't know if he'll win, but I do know that people need to learn to give people a chance before judgement.

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