Saturday, June 20, 2009

Waiting Your Turn

Have you ever noticed that when you go to a place, you know one of those tourist places, and it's just you and maybe another adult, or a few adults that people that have children assume they are more important?
Well, I'm here to tell you, loud and proud, YOU AREN'T!!! Wait your turn, just like the rest of us do. Oh, and by the way just because you and grandma and grandpa think little Johnny, or Jenny are just completely precious, doesn't mean the rest of the world does. We do not want to stand behind you with those kids taking 15 minutes to be some place. Just keep moving. Don't take forever to look at something, and YES! some adults do want to take photos in the silly cars, or on or next to that statue. Yes, we want memories as well. Sheesh! Why is it when most people have kids they forget what it is like to be a normal human?
Yes, I have a daughter, and I raised her by myself. However, I also paid attention to the fact that there are others on this planet, and although I think (as do others) my daughter is extremly beautiful...I realize that the entire world doesn't want to watch her climb around, drive the silly car, or play. So, I would let her play for a moment...not more than two usually, then moved on. I paid attention if people were waiting in line by me. If someone walked up I would tell my daughter to finish and move on that others were waiting. I do believe that grandparents are the world's worst at this little annoyance. Trust me...most humans do NOT think your grandkids are nearly as cute as you do. It's just fact. So, let them get in there, play, take the photos, and then move on. Shit, the paint is drying some where and I'm tired of waiting for it.
The thing is, I may actually start saying things to people. I've become very bold, and yes to some, rude in my older age. I don't have time to entertain other's supidity. I'll be bold about it and just tell you so.
So, if you're entertaining your children, your grandchildren, or your step kids do it quickly, there are others waiting to get into that silly little car, or see that cute little fish. Stop hogging the space and get the hell out of our way.
Ah, I feel better...come know you feel this way as well. If you don't then you are more than likely one of the annoying humans that think their kids are the cutest.

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