Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sea Bound Trash Zone?!?

Maybe I'm really behind on my news. I've just recently become interested
again in that subject. It used to annoy me. Know that my interest had
nothing to do with the Presidential elections, or the cost of
unemployment, or even the war. No, it had to do with America in general.
When did we become such a nasty country? For instance did you know that
the Pacific Ocean has an area where we throw garbage? I didn't. I'm
sickened by this fact.
Sea bound trash

So, our landfills are full? So, we have to start throwing garbage away
in the ocean? No! Given the fact that we barely occupy 35% of the land
in this country, quite frankly disgusts me to know that we're doing this
sea bound dumping. No, I'm not for filling up the land with garbage.
However, we do have this little know idea called recycling. Maybe we
should ALL start doing it. How hard is it to separate your garbage as
you put it into the bin? Buy one of those garbage cans that have three
bins, or have three bags or buckets. You know the ones your kids used to
use, but now are filled with toys they haven't touched in years. Try
putting your garbage in those. Then, take them, if you don't have
recycling in your city, to the recycling place.

Did you know that you get money, cash (mullah, deniro, cha-ching) back
when you recycle? Okay, you won't get rich on it (although some have).
The simple fact that we're throwing stuff into the ocean is completely
disgusting. When did this become legal? Good grief! There are creatures
out there that we have no clue about, and we're probably killing them

So, come on people, either cut down on the waste, or recycle. You know
that heat you've been bitching about? Well, it's due to the fact that
we're killing our planet. So, take a moment, and if you don't care about
anyone other than little 'ole you, then okay. Care to be cooler? Then
take care of the planet that you live on. Hey, the idea of living and
trashing the atmosphere of another planet is a long time away.

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