Saturday, December 26, 2009

Candy of Christmas Past

Have you ever sat and reminisced about Christmas past? Not the Christmas Carol kind of Christmas past, but things you did when you were young? Maybe it’s me, but I think about the traditions, the places we went, and the stuff we ate. All of it makes my heart puff up and go POOF! Ah, the feelings of Christmas past are, well, fluffy.

Growing up an Army brat is different than a normal childhood where you stay home every year, or at least you have a place to call home. I’m not knocking it. Nope, I’d never do that, in fact I LOVED being an Army brat. I wouldn’t have changed anything in the world for the childhood I had. My Dad was in the Army for over 21 years; we physically packed and moved 19 times. I am sure I didn’t love or even treasure every move. However, I know I still love to move. It was an adventure, but to keep us tied to “home” Mom and Dad gave us the “traditions” they had growing up. You know family, friends, travel, and oh the smells of the food.

Candy, candy was one “tradition” that kept all of my family together. Everyone had something they cherished from their childhood and it was passed on to us, the new generation. Well, I too passed that on to my daughter. Some of my candy past was Lifesavers Books from my Papaw, candy canes from my Grandma, Dots and fudge from my Mom, and for me it was Pez and candy cigarettes. Now, for my daughter’s new candy tradition it is Hershey’s Kisses – the big one. I gave her one every year. It would take her about a month to eat it all, but she did it. To this day she gets one, although I can’t always find the really big ones, I can always find the medium sized ones. So, this year she got the medium size, after all she wants to be more conscious of her diet. Whatever – it’s Christmas. Go forth and make candy memories, exercise later.

I can’t wait to see what tradition she’ll pass on to her children. I hope everyone had a festive holiday, and have a wonderful and memorable New Year.


Marty said...

Hi, Dee! I noticed you started to follow my blog so thought I'd check-in and say hellow. Nice entry. Who doesn't like building Candy Memories? This should be the sweetest time of year!

Marty said...

P.S.: I must have been on a 'sugar high' ... just noticed that I mispelled the word "hello."!