Friday, December 25, 2009

The Hurried Holiday

It came upon a midnight clear.
The movers were already here.
Dressed in blue from hat to their sneaker.
They annoyed and mispacked until I was all a quiver.

They took things they shouldn't and things they should.
Why do I feel so exhausted?
I wish I could sleep like a bump of wood.
There will be no rest for me this holiday season.
Although, there rarely is,
I want to rest and celebrate,
but can't seem to find any reason.

I know we'll be gone soon,
and living in the land we so long desire.
But, alas there is so much to do,
and it is there I hope to retire.

So, dig up some cheer,
and try to be merry,
for it is only a few weeks
left in this land,
with people that I will miss so badly.

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