Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to Listen

Lately, I've been very quiet, at home, work, in the car, while traveling, just silent. Listening to the world instead of cluttering it up with my sounds. I like it, I like it a lot.

Every now and then we need to remember to be still and give back.
It's funny, I actually have the urge to lay down on the earth and hug her. Thank her for all she's given to me and my family. The only thing holding me back is the mud. I just do not like mud. *shiver*
I know there is a reason for all the contemplative silence, but I know I really like it. I'm doing a lot of traveling while I'm here. I'm considering just staying within Ireland, Scotland and England for the remainder of my trips. I want to go to Greece, Spain and Italy, but the Queen's land is where my heart lies.
I'm going to Scotland in a few weeks. It is something I've wanted to do since I can remember. I've been to Ireland where one Grandpa was from, now I'm going to the land where my name is from, this is such a special trip to me. I have secret hopes and dreams, but I know that I'll be happy no matter what happens.

I hope to go back and just sit on a hill in the Highlands and listen. Spend a day with my ancestors, listening to them - maybe that's what I'm doing - preparing my soul. For now, I'll enjoy Edinburgh for this short trip. Next time it's time it's to see the rest!

Have a blessed day!


Drachenfrau said...

I envy you for traveling to Scotland and wishing you all the things you expect from this travel! Hug her (Gaia) in your mind, or embrace a tree.
I'm sure she'll understand the mud-thing. :-)

NikonGoddess said...

Thank you! I agree - I think she gets us and what we mean, maybe even a bit more than we do.
I can't wait. You should go sometime - RyanAir tickets were only 12.99 Euro each way. LOVE living here. LOL

When we come back up your way I'll have to let you know!