Monday, May 2, 2011

One more reason to love my life NOW.

Have you ever had one of those *OHHHH!* moments of epiphany? I’m sure you have. While reading an article on weight loss I had one of those moments.

In the article she talks about sleeping better because her body was getting rid of toxins. Well, I don’t eat fast food anymore, primarily because they don’t really have it here in Europe. THANKFULLY! So, my body is finally rid of all that crap I used to eat. Sure they have McDonalds and other places, but I don’t eat there except on a SUPER rare occasion. Mostly – because I just don’t like the food. I do like the McCafe’s they have, that’s because of the coffee. In Germany they do not understand the meaning of “sweets” as the rest of the planet does. Their idea of a sweet is a dry cake or piece of bread. I’m sorry Germany – I LOVE your food, most of the time, but you do not know how to do dessert. So, again, thankfully for this I don’t have that junk in my diet anymore. Yes, I’ve talked about eating better and changing my lifestyle. Well, it all has to do with living a better life here in Europe.

When I read that paragraph in the article I realized that I do in fact sleep better, and it began about seven months into living here. I mean, I, actually, this will shock some, sleep in. Yes, me! I sleep in now. Granted it’s only until 0800, but OMG!!! This HUGE for me, I’ve even been known to sleep in until 0930 on a super rare occasion. It is fantastic. I see what all the rage of sleeping in is all about. So, this is what I’ve been missing ALL of my life. So that light bulb lighting up moment for me was the toxins leaving my body, me sleeping more, me sleeping soundly – I realize it’s because I don’t eat the junk anymore. Sure, I’ve seen “Super Size Me.” I watched it in 2009 and it made me realize I was literally poisoning myself with that junk. Did I stop eating it? No! It was easy, convenient and simple food. I didn’t have to think when I bought it or eat it. Why? Because it sucks away your brain cells – LOL I’m kidding, but it seems like it does. Well, like I said living in Europe has been the best thing for my health. I’m glad I’m here.

My moment of “OOOOHHHHHH!” came while reading an article of the simple truth; I look forward to many more of these while living my life here in Europe.

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