Thursday, June 24, 2010


Oh, joy and oogie happiness! I've discovered (thank you DD!), and I am completely addicted.
You know what I love about the site? You can't join a swap until you've been part of the site for at least a month, and have posted 15 times. Now, babbling people like me can do that in one sitting. However, you can't just be on there racking up points for saying things like - "great" "wonderful" "hi" - no you have to make a contribution, or sincerly ask questions. It's truly a wonderful new addiction.

Now, because of Craftster I've discovered a bunch of incredible crafty people. I'm reading blogs, and learning stuff. I'm loving it. Really I am.

Discovering - it's what life is all about!

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AmyK said...

I adore Craftster. I'm on there fairly often; I don't post a ton (I've been on there for a year and have only posted about a hundred times!). But I read and look at pictures; it's really cool to see the different things people come up with on there!
I'm "onceinlovewithAmy" on there; if you should happen to see me, I hope you say hi!