Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lines and Shadows

Lines and Shadows
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In life I have always loved butterflies. In the last three years I've really been compared to butterflies as well. My growth in my spiritual path and in general.
A very dear friend told me when I left Fort Hood that it was if I came out of my chrysalis and was finally learning how to fly. When I got my assignment in Germany he told me it was time for me to truly stretch my wings and fly free, discover myself and life. I've been doing just that for six months. I'm truly at peace and I'm flying again.
Recently I found out that my assignment was going to be cut a bit shorter than I was led to believe. Instead of taking the same road all the others did. I chose to be positive about it. A co-worker even told me that I was taking quite a positive attitude towards everything. Well, growing up as an Army Brat the one thing that is constant in our lives is Change!
I will live where I'm meant to live as long as I'm meant to live here, then I'll move on to the next place.
Just as a butterfly's life is designated to be for a certain amount of time, so is mine. I'll cling to the mesh for as long as I'm meant to. Then, I'll let go and float.

Blessed be...

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