Tuesday, July 6, 2010

100 Things

100 things that make me happy
1. The sound of my daughter’s laughter
2. The way my parents still look at one another after being together for over 50 years, and married for 48 of those
3. Knowing my daughter turned out so well, even though society states Single Parent children are a nuisance on society
4. That I have the right to choose my own religion. (Thank you to all the Troops!)
5. Being an Army Brat
6. Watching my dog “squidgy” on the ground
7. Knowing I have no regrets for things I’ve done in life
8. Watching sparrows
9. The purr of a cat
10. Holding my Grandma in my arms as she left this life
11. Remembering her golden rule – If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. You can always find something nice to say. You could be the only person that day to be kind to that person.
12. Knowing it is okay to cry
13. Seeing an old ’57 Chevy, and knowing it’s a ’57 Chevy!
14. Loving my job
15. Giving a compliment, and meaning it from the bottom of my heart
16. Being able to listen to others, while keeping it to myself
17. Having a good relationship with my Dad
18. Living my dream of being back in Germany
19. The taste of GOOD barbeque
20. Hearing birds sing
21. Watching fish swim
22. Driving
23. Listening to music
24. Seeing a baby be born
25. Seeing someone smile
26. Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich
27. Knowing I never have to eat my Grandma’s peanut butter frosting again!
28. Watching baseball live
29. Being a kitchen witch
30. Hearing the bagpipes played properly
31. Bunnies
32. Chocolate when it reaches that stage when it’s squishy between your fingers
33. The taste of a freshly made glass of sweet iced tea
34. The feeling I have after cleaning
35. Learning to accept myself
36. Giving and receiving unconditional love
37. A good fart
38. Not letting my medical problems rule my life
39. Children with red hair
40. The Chicago Bears (yes, still!)
41. The fact that I do NOT like the San Antonio Spurs!
42. A cool breeze on a hot day
43. Having time to myself
44. Being kissed passionately
45. Going to the zoo
46. Watching bugs
47. Being positive
48. Getting up early, before anyone else and walking around the house
49. A hug from my Dad
50. Daisies
51. A relaxing walk
52. Being accepted
53. Not feeling like I have to compete to make a point, or be heard
54. Giving a hug
55. Talking with my Mom for hours
56. The shape of my Mom’s face
57. Memories of my brother and I growing up
58. The smell of my daughter’s hair
59. The feel of a child’s hand in mine
60. How grass feels between my toes
61. The sound of water hitting the shore
62. The feeling of relief after I’ve finished a good hard cry
63. Laughing
64. A smooth landing
65. Penguins
66. Hearing a child discover something for the first time
67. Seeing an older couple holding hands
68. Ladybug’s
69. Hot chocolate made from scratch with mini marshmallows
70. Campfires
71. Being kind
72. Getting home after traveling
73. Knowing that I can still find love, but being okay with being single
74. Not being afraid to speak my mind, finally!
75. Being Pagan, and not having to identify with any single religion
76. The smell of Spring
77. The cold starkness of winter
78. Loving my pets, but treating them like animals
79. Pink, green, orange, and yellow
80. Knowing how to compose a good photo
81. Giving money to beggars and not feeling like I need to explain my actions
82. Big cities
83. Rock and roll
84. Disney animated movies
85. The memory of my first real kiss
86. Accepting I am an artist
87. Loving to learn
88. Vanilla ice cream in a cone
89. Europe
90. A fresh praline
91. Cooking
92. Surfing the internet
93. Blogging
94. Sing Star
95. The smell of a fresh clean towel
96. Making new friends
97. Going home
98. Realizing I can do it
99. Accepting others for who they are
100. Realizing I could do more, maybe I should do a thousand…


Marty said...

Thanks for reading my blog ... thought I would swing by and return the favor. What a good list, with a profound message. We should all enjoy our lives to the fullest!

Liv said...

Love that list. Love it

A piece of news said...

Fresh pralines, oh my!

Trulyana said...

That's wonderful to spot the things that makes one tingle inside. :) Love from Ana Goncalves on swap bot. Being grateful for those things are very important in how one cherishes their life.