Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If there is one thing I love it's to make other's smile. I know one way that is really easy to do that as well - it's to Swap. I've discovered through my daughter, and I am completley addicted to the site. WEEE
I also discovered through a friend on Craftster. They are both great sites. I like Swap-bot because they have postcard swaps, and online swaps. Things like filling out questionaires and sending them to others. You get to learn about others, and meet people. It is really great.

So, I have fallen back into the happy world of swaps. I used to do scrapbook swaps. They filled my waking hours to make the perfect page. I ended up stopping work on my own books until I was only doing swaps. So, then pretty much ended my scrapbooking.

Then, I lost everything in a flood in 2004, and my friends from the swaps sent me wonderful stuff. It replinshed my supplies some and I was able to scrapbook more. Shortly after that I had surgery, then lost my job. Being a single mom it was tough. We were homeless, I had no job and was recovering from a really bad surgery.

I never lost hope or belief in life and love of others thanks to those women in my swap buddy arena. They saw me through some very hard times. I stayed in contact with a handfull of them over the years, and recently thanks to Facebook I got back into contact with the one I was closest to. (Hugs Jacki!) I look back on that time that so many ask how I survived that time.

Well, my swap buddies helped me through it. I'm a positive person...but just having someone to talk too helped me so much. It wasn't about the stuff the sent, but the friendships that were discovered and bound.

So, for all of my past, present and future swap buddies - Hugs and much love. Friends don't always have to be the ones you live in the same town with, they can be someone that you may never meet face to face...but you have this string that you already share that connects your soul to mine...we just have to find it in the mixture of strings in the world.

Love and hugs and hugs!


GirlyQ said...

Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear about the flood that affected you! How wonderful that other swappers were able to help you out a little. I hope that things are much better for you now! I also am a lover of swapping but hubby has been laid off for about 2 months now so I am only able to swap coupons ( cheap postage and helps us out financially). I can't wait to do package swaps again! I am Nomorerain3 from Swap-bot and am your partner from the "follow me" swap. Have a great week!

NikonGoddess said...

Hi Nomorerain3 -

I hope he finds work soon - and not just any job - but one that will fill him with satisfaction and happiness. It makes a difference.

Thanks for stopping by.!


Anita Morris said...

Hi I'm here from the blog swap on Swap-bot.

I'm glad you've felt supported by other swappers in difficult times.


NikonGoddess said...

Hi Mauvedragon,

It's amazing how others can be with those that are a bit down. I can tell you with complete honesty I'm very thankful for my friends.

I just spent nine days with a family I met online a few years ago...and I adore them.

I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, and I'm grateful!