Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family of Friends

This little odd montage of trees are some I photographed on the way back from Amsterdam. You know what a tree hugger I am. (Yes, literally in many cases.)
I know I'm odd. I admit it. This is proof. This is how my odd little mind works.
See, I was completely taken by these three trees. So, I photographed them individually, knowing I was going to do this with them. I just loved them. They were each unique and beautiful, but I wanted them together to show their different unique style. Kind of like the people in my life. You are all together in my heart, but very unique & different & that's what I love about you all.
I love my family of friends.
Just like things that grow on the earth some things are planted by things that float into the area. Well, each of you in my life are here and are incredibly beautiful, unique and planted for a purpose.
Sometimes one needs more than the other, and that's what I value in relationships. Thank you for being a part of my life.
I love you.

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Sandra said...

What a beautiful post and ode to family and friendship. I too love trees. In bulks, alone, full in green, red and without leaves. Trees are some of the most beautiful, live giving things on earth.

Thank you so much for sharing.