Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Bicycles outside the Berkeley Library in Dublin, Ireland (August 2010)

"Bicycle there!" That's what she said to me when I said "I'm in Europe, maybe going on furlough; how am I supposed to travel?" I laughed. Then, I seriously thought about it, and I began to wonder how long would it take to walk to Italy? LOL From Germany to Italy? I'm sure people have done it way before my time. I mean they had no choice, right? They didn't have the luxuries of a bicycle, much less a car. Could I do it? No! Not in the shape I'm in, there's no way. However, does that mean I'll never do it - probably, but that does not mean it's because I won't always be in shape. I'm getting into shape. I'll be riding my bicycle this weekend with my daughter. We're very excited about it all.

Gas prices are high, the dollar is very low in this European economy, and quite frankly I can't afford to go anywhere if the ignorant government back home can't figure out how to play nice with one another and find a fix for the mess Bush got us into. So, as Congress decides whether they want to screw the Troops and all the Federal employees even more, I await their fix for the huge budget problems we face back home in America. If they decide to put the government on hold, I'll be at home, creating up a storm by painting, gluing and making lots of stuff. I'll be working on my HUGE photography drive and maybe even sell some work. Who knows? Maybe this fix the government is in will help me become self sufficient and self employed with the one bit of "work" I truly love - photography.

So, my co-worker was right - I'll bicycle there, and there and oh maybe over there as well. Life is about choices and decisions - I choose happiness, and my decision will be to do the best I can do.

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