Thursday, April 14, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle

When someone goes on a DIET they start to get depressed, or hate that they can't have something to eat. Well, I took that four letter word out of my vocabularly years ago. I swore I'd never go on a diet. I never have, and don't ever want to. However, I have recently made a major lifestyle change.

I've began exercising, and *GASP* I actually enjoy it. I played catch and soccer with friends this past weekend, and this coming weekend I'm going to a festival (i.e. lots of walking) with some other friends. I love how I'm feeling, am looking forward to continuing this feeling, and the best part is I'm exploring cookbooks and websites to make new things. Ashlee has been wonderful about helping me stay on track. My friend at work has also changed her lifestyle and is eating healthy, and exercising as well. The two of them have really been helping me stay on track, want to work out, and eat healthier. My friend, Livy, just moved to Germany in January - she has been the biggest support and reason I've gone back to vegetarianism, and a much healthy lifestyle. She's encouraged me with her various and delicious food endeavors since she's moved here. Her passion for life goes into her food, and all that she touches. Ashlee and I went to visit her and her family last month. While there she made us dinner, it was magnificent and simple. Right then I realized that great food does not have to be such a pain in the ass to make.

I, now, realize I have choices when I eat and I encourage myself find recipes with lots of veggies. The main choice I've made is to go back to my vegetarian lifesytle. I truly enjoyed it, minus the lack of pork. (I'm sorry, I love pork!) HAHA

I have enjoyed being in Germany and getting to discover new vegetables. So much here is healthy. One of my favorite things on Saturday is to go to the markets and get fresh veggies for the week. I get them home and chop them up, put them in the fridge and freezer to use. I've also discovered a few new cheeses, and lots of wonderful places to explore.

The photo here was our dinner that I made from a cookbook from my friend at work. Her daughter was going through it and told her there were many recipes I'd really enjoy, she was right! It's the Cooking Light Five Star Recipes cookbook that they invited me to look through. This is where found the delicious dinner pictured here.

It's Tortellini with Cherry Tomatoes and Corn. Now, I made some changes to the recipe for me. I like lots of veggies, but especially peppers and I love to put my own twist on things I discover.

If you'd like to try the recipe here it is right from the book. I'll add my additions/substitution on the bottom.

Tortellini with Cherry Tomatoes and Corn

(Quick and easy - great for a dinner if your short on time, but want something filling and low on calories.)

1 - 9 oz package fresh cheese tortellini, uncooked (see my changes)

1 - 10oz package frozen whole kernel corn

1 clove garlic, halved

2 Cups quartered cherry tomatoes (see my changes)

1/4 C sliced green onions

1/4 C chopped fresh basil (see my changes)

2 Tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese (see my changes)

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/8 teaspoon pepper

Cook tortellini in boiling water 3 minutes, omitting salt and fat requested to cook with on the package. (Thankfully my tortellini was in German so I didn't know I needed to add that...hahaha) Add corn, and cook 3 minutes, drain well.

Rub the inside of a large serving bowl with garlet halves, and discard garlic halves. Add tortellini mixture, tomato quarters, and remaining ingredients, tossing gently to coat.

Serve warm. Yield: 6 servings, 1 cup sized servings.

When I made mine it only came out to 4 - 1 cup servings. I had smaller packages of food to start.

I used a ham and cheese tortellini, half a bag of frozen corn, instead of basil (which I detest) I used cilantro (which I LOVE - maybe it's my Texan heritage). I used a hard cheese I had on hand instead of the Parmesan cheese; I used both yellow and red cherry tomatoes. I also added an orange pepper for color and flavor.

I hope you'll give this great delicious simple recipe a try soon. It's delicious! My dinner included some freshly steamed broccolli and a glass of water. Now, I stated that you shouldn't deny yourself anything when making lifestyle changes - so, I didn't. I made a fresh batch of delicious brownies for dessert - and enjoyed one. It's all about limiting what I used to eat. For two weeks I have been craving and denying myself a brownie, but tonight I made someand enjoyed one.

I look forward to the rest of my life - a healthier, happier and more energetic life.

I wonder if I would have made these changes if I were still back home?

Blessings of healthy eating and much love to you and yours.


Amy said...

Wow!! That recipe looks fantastic!! I have recently changed my lifestyle too. I know i have a long way to go, but i just am starting with baby steps. I have given up pop and increased my water intake drastically. I have also started to get much more activity. I walk all of my doggies every day and enjoy going to the market on market days and walking around. I am now averaging about 2 miles a day on walking and have started to jog ( a little). I don't know if i have lost any weight yet, but i know that if i can keep this up that I will. I will regularly check your blog and gain more inspiration.

Liv said...

This is so awesome Dee! I am so excited for you and your making these changes kindly to yourself! This is not about deprivation or anything like's about incorporating new and exciting things into your diet that just happen to be healthy.

I need to make you a hula hoop. It is so easy to make. After the baby is born, that's how I plan to get back into shape. It's fun, brings you back to your childhood, and is a really great workout.

Keep us updated on your journey!
This dinner looks YUM. Will HAVE to try!

Marty said...

Good for you! I don't think "diets" really work. You might shed pounds for a while, but without a change in lifestyle -- proper exercise and ongoing good nutrition -- chances are you'll gain it all back. The steps you're taking now likely mean you'll live a longer, healthier life, to boot!

NikonGoddess said...

Thank you Amy. I hope you try it! BTW you were one of the others that encouraged me to change my lifestyle. I'm so proud of you! Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you Livy. Oh, if you can teach me how to hula hoop again...I'd love you forever - well, I already do...but you know what I mean.

Hi Marty! Long time no see. I need to get back to your blog. You always make me smile. You're so right - diet's do not work. Live and learn...that's all we have to do in life.